While the basic principles of business are universal, they are applied differently across the world. Companies today operate in an international arena: global markets, alliances and partnerships. Whether it’s competitive threats, technical advancements, customer demands or worldwide events, Devonfield helps leaders and organizations define their capabilities and enhance their effectiveness. Our experienced advisors know how to leverage powerful thinking, integrate innovative ideas and enhance revenue.


“The best way to predict the future is to create it” – Peter F. Drucker


With more than a century of combined experience, Devonfield provides unparalleled insight into strategic planning, innovative marketing, enhanced educational programs and media production. We help producers develop compelling stories, raise capital and expand distribution channels; assist authors in building their platforms and launching dynamic marketing campaigns; work with educational institutions to advance learning; assist businesses with expanding into new markets and forging new partnerships; and counsel non-profits in generating long-term value.


Types of Clients

  • Businesses
  • Corporations
  • Directors
  • Educational Institutions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Established Authors
  • Executive Management
  • Film Producers
  • Global Leaders
  • Media Companies
  • Non-profit Organizations
  • Philanthropists


The global economy has redefined the dynamics of competition. Technology and innovation are evolving rapidly. By working with seasoned experts, a company can do more than just stay competitive; it can become an industry leader by thinking strategically, fostering tactical partnerships and targeting crucial demographics. Devonfield brings a depth of experience that is both real-world and worldwide.


Strategy is the single most important aspect of a company—it drives decisions, performance and change. Strategy is the core structure of an organization, embodying the vision for the future and the force behind it. Our diverse team can help target critical issues and achieve significant results.


Some Strategic Problems

  • Ineffective long-term planning
  • Unclear strategic goals
  • Poor integrative leadership
  • Failure to leverage strengths
  • Defining problems incorrectly
  • Not understanding emerging markets
  • Picking the wrong stakeholders
  • Selecting too narrow a set of options


Flowing through every aspect of an organization, a well-planned strategy empowers individuals, provides direction and inspires performance. Like a roadmap to the future, strategy determines how to align and deploy resources to attain success. Once properly implemented, it guides leadership, operations, marketing, sales, development and culture. Devonfield can help you define your strategy, identify opportunities, strengthen internal and external relationships, and manage change to maximize value.


Some Areas of Focus

  • 7 Elements of Structure
  • Long-term Strategic Planning
  • Integrative Organizational Culture
  • Intellectual Engagement
  • Innovative Entrepreneurship
  • Interactive Leadership
  • Behavioral Science
  • Strategic Positioning


Strategy is only as good as the results it delivers. Successful outcomes are assured when companies develop a portfolio of initiatives that are united with core competencies, capitalizing on both strengths and resources. Devonfield helps transform businesses into global leaders. We employ comprehensive analysis to recognize the important issues and resolve confusing factors.


We Address an Organization’s Objectives

  • Competitive
  • Cultural
  • Financial
  • Intellectual
  • Innovation
  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Operational
  • Organizational
  • People


Strategic thinking will help you apply the latest insights and approaches; accurately assess the competition in a global context; broaden your perspective on how to make your organization more competitive; and examine options for growth.


Some Questions to Ask

  • What’s your competitive vision for the future?
  • Can you continue to create value?
  • What performance measures are in place?
  • In what areas must you excel?
  • How do you maintain growth?
  • What is the company morale like?
  • How do customers perceive you?
  • Is your position sustainable?
  • How do you appear to shareholders?
  • Is your technology hard to copy?


Whether you are a start-up or a global corporation, Devonfield can help you redefine your strategy and navigate the changing environment. We partner with our clients to deliver customized solutions and create a competitive advantage. Our unique breadth of knowledge and experience drives both operational and strategic value. Whatever the issue, Devonfield helps individuals and corporations maximize their efficiency, productivity and profitability.


“Strategy is a commodity; execution is an art” – Peter F. Drucker