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“A writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army” – Orson Welles


Devonfield provides fee-based advisory services to select clients and organizations, in the areas of story development; strategic planning; national marketing campaigns; raising capital; commercial productions, documentaries and movies; multiple distribution channels; retail and merchandise; sponsor collaboration; global partnerships; and comprehensive business and marketing plans. Whether it is an idea, book or screenplay, we can help streamline the process and put together an appropriate production package for your project. We can manage all aspects of script development and budgeting; contracts and agreements; talent selection; production, marketing and worldwide distribution. Devonfield offers the experience and resources to perform the services needed in a timely, economical and professional manner.


Some Areas Include:

  • Story: A properly structured and well-written story is the single most important aspect of a production: it is the foundation of any project. We help clients develop their ideas, concepts and story into a polished script. This process includes strategic roundtables, working with a selected screenwriter and collaborating with outside experts. Our team will review all the information and choose the best approach for the overall narrative. Projects may be short promotional topics, documentaries, television series or feature length films. Once everything has been discussed, a strategic story format and final script will be produced.
  • The Package: Devonfield can develop a comprehensive business plan, budget breakdown, a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM) for potential investors, and a marketing plan, including pre-sales and tax incentives. We will also approach potential talent, including a director, actors and a production team. A final and complete “package” will be
  • Marketing: Devonfield will create a comprehensive marketing plan. We will foster strategic partnerships with national media outlets and organizations; create an interactive website; research and contact potential sponsors; and utilize the production content to create complementary material, such as study guides and interactive online curriculum. It is essential to start the marketing process at least twelve months before initial production begins.
  • Learning Material: Devonfield can work with the client to create complementary learning material for the general public, the classroom and other specialized organizations. This includes study books, interactive online computer courses and other technical applications. We can create an engaging yet relevant curriculum, including specific pilot programs and surveys to incorporate feedback. Devonfield can also coordinate with interested organizations or universities that would like to partner with the project.
  • Funding: Funding includes reviewing all current legal documentation; creating a Private Placement Memorandum (PPM); identifying and contacting targeted capital sources; developing financial projections; and leading the financing to closing and funding. Our team will work with the client through strategic meetings and in-depth discussions to solidify funding, strategic partners and sponsorship agreements.
  • Sponsorships: Sponsorships include, but are not limited to, developing a comprehensive list of potential sponsors who would benefit from association with the production and would contribute capital in exchange for marketing exposure. This process includes producing a Sponsor Package, describing the project, its impact and separate investment categories; creating an overview that will be distributed to all potential sponsors; and follow-up to solidify investment
  • Production: Devonfield can assist in selecting the appropriate production team, talent and filming locations, including securing tax credits and other related incentives. We can also assist with the ongoing production to supervise, facilitate and maintain the creative integrity of the project, along with providing professional insight at all stages of production.
  • Distribution: Prior to completion of the production, Devonfield will work with outside companies to find the proper distribution channel. We will initiate in-depth discussions on how to distribute and market the production to reach as broad an audience as possible, including bringing in specific experts in the areas of distribution, demographics, marketing and other related fields. We will secure all available distribution channels, retailers and other relevant
  • National Tour: Devonfield can create a national or global promotional tour to target specific demographics and maximize the Production’s impact across the country and internationally. This includes coordinating theatrical events, arranging film premieres, and collaborating with professional speakers and organizations.


Our advisory services offer clients strategic direction to help them navigate the increasing complexity of the industry, from story and script development, to producing and marketing a project. Devonfield can assist with the ongoing production to supervise, facilitate and maintain the creative integrity of the project, along with providing professional insight and advice. Our team will work with the client through strategic meetings and discussions; advise on building a proper platform (audience); and assist with marketing, branding and social media. We will discuss national and international partners and other strategic collaborative opportunities to maximize the production’s impact on society and reach as broad an audience as possible. We will focus on quality, content and momentum-building. This includes establishing the best distribution channel, working with sponsors, finding the proper retail outlets and coordinating with specific partners and national organizations.


“Creativity takes courage” – Henri Matisse