Devonfield Productions

"A writer needs a pen, an artist needs a brush, but a filmmaker needs an army" – Orson Welles


Devonfield Productions specializes in producing, distributing and marketing the highest quality films and television programming in the industry. We focus on three primary areas: feature films, documentaries and cable series. Producing allows us to choose specific stories that embody our values and offer quality content, then move these projects from concept to final distribution. We also can adapt a story or narrative for either network television or cable (See Projects).


Areas of Focus

  • Feature Length Motion Pictures
  • Feature Length Documentaries
  • Cable & Network Programming
  • Commercials & Promotional Shorts
  • Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Digital Media Marketing Campaigns


Producing: Choosing from exceptional material, Devonfield selects projects to either produce or executive produce. We will take an idea from a concept to theatrical release. Working with private investors enables us to cover all filming costs and properly oversee the completion of each project. We collaborate with many talented scriptwriters, directors, actors, cinematographers and industry personnel who share our vision and embody our high standards. Our material is obtained from true stories, original screenplays, books and other literary resources. Whether we are producing a comedy, drama or action film, the projects we are interested in center around character-driven stories with a powerful and lasting message.


Programming: When we decide to create a new cable or television series, we work with writers to develop all the show's elements, building the concept into a solid storyline that educates, entertains and conveys our values. Once we complete the narrative, we contact our various networks and studios to find the right fit, produce a pilot and continue writing the series. Many film projects can transition into a network series, just as some programs can translate into movies. Our goal is to offer exceptional, family-oriented material that is both entertaining and principled.


Once a project is agreed upon, a script will be created or revised, funding secured through private sources, production planned and the film completed and distributed. Devonfield locks in all the proper distribution rights (pre-sales) and tax credits, ensuring maximization of profit and sales through either select demographics or a worldwide release. Prior to a movie being released, we collaborate with partners who handle the promotional side, both domestic and international. They work with our global network of contacts and organizations to create a “buzz” behind the film and build a loyal fan base prior to the movie’s release. We also secure all other areas of distribution, including multimedia and retail.


The Essential Areas of Production

  • Story: The story is the crucial foundation of any film or program series that is too often sacrificed because producers are preoccupied with “flash over substance” or agenda oriented material. Devonfield focuses on adapting or crafting compelling stories with strong character arcs and a comprehensive narrative structure. The intense development of plot and characters moves the story forward, keeps viewers engaged and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Location: The right settings draw viewers into the world of the story and transition through each character’s lives. Working with professional location managers, set designers and art directors, Devonfield chooses stunning landscapes and authentic interiors to capture the atmosphere that communicates the mood of every story. We maximize the locations and seasons: beautiful fall scenes, snow-covered countrysides, ocean vistas, vivid colors and quaint towns.
  • Director: The director is the orchestra leader who brings everything together. He or she is responsible for maintaining the vision of the picture and the message we want to convey. Great directors bring out the best in everyone, working with actors to inspire exceptional performances. The right director leads a project to its ideal completion, never compromising on the vision entrusted to him or her.
  • Actors: Devonfield is always looking for exceptional actors who have the ability and experience to portray believable characters. We use a wide variety of artists from different backgrounds and training, from seasoned veterans of film and theater to less experienced actors who possess natural talent. An exceptional cast working together is central to making a successful production.
  • Cinematography: Film is visual art, which is why the cinematographer is vital to a successful movie or cable series. The lens of the camera is the eye through which the viewers experience the story, characters and places. It is the active point of view of the narrative, and when handled properly, the story will realize its potential as a work of art.
  • Soundtrack: Music is an integral background layer of a film narrative. It evokes emotions and enhances the ambience by echoing the fear, drama or excitement being portrayed by the actors. We seek out aspiring musicians and symphonies to compose extraordinary soundtracks. Of course, at times we may use existing songs, but we prefer to create original soundtracks that become signatures of their productions.


"A hunch is creativity trying to tell you something" – Frank Capra